All-propose Containers

The all-purpose container can be used for transportation, disposal and general on-site purposes. It is a space-saving alternative for close-at-hand storage and disposal of any materials. Extremely robust, it has a loading capacity of 1.5 t and a volumetric capacity of 0.9 m³.

The container has reinforced lifting lugs, so that it can be transported easily by crane, excavator or fork-lift track and can be stacked safely with or with­out a cover. The container can be lifted and tipped via the matching tilting device using a fork-lift truck. All container handling operations can be controlled from the fork-lift truck. The container tilts to an angle of 90° and can be emptied completely.

The lockable cover makes the all-purpose container ideal as a repository for expensive materials and tools on the construction site.

When multiple containers are stacked, the contents of the bottom container remain accessible even if the cover is fitted.