Proven, versatile, affordable

SL formwork elements are the most affordable introduction to FEBE steel formwork systems. The most basic option, they have proved thier value over decades of use.

In spite of continuous technical development, the basic concept of SL formwork has been retained. For the user, this means full compatibility between the SL elements already in use - no matter how old they are - and the SL elements of the latest generation.

The SL formwork is particularly recommended for small building sites with no space for a crane or when the crane loading capacity does not accomplish the requirements. The SL elements with a frame width of 8 cm are slimmer, smaller and lighter than XT elements and can be moved manually with ease.

A wide range of well-tuned element widths makes possible accuratley fitting formwork assemblies that can withstand a max. green concrete pressure up to 70 kN/m2.
To acheive this, three fastening points over the complete height of the element are required, along with two quick fastening clamps for each pair of elements.

The Benefits

  • Slim, small and light
  • Easy to move manually and without a crane
  • The ideal solution for small building sites
  • Proven system over decades
  • New SL elements compatible for assembly with older SL formwork system
  • Suitable for combination with XT and AT elements

At a Glance

Steel Formwork 

Frame thickness: 8 cm Steel
Material: Stahl, powder-coated
Union of two elements: 2 quick-fastening clamps
Green concrete pressure: 70 kN/m²
Shuttering time: 0.5 h/m²