Shuttering Circular Walls

The proven FEBE Flex elements are available for each system in 200, 240 and 280 mm widths, suitable for forming all diameters from 1000 mm upwards.

  • The flexibility of the FEBE Flex is provided by the thick, solid steel sheet lining.
  • The strength comes from the solid frame reinforcement.
  • The radius accuracy is provided by adjustable cross reinforcements at top and bottom.

FEBE quick-fastening clamps facilitate easy and plannable work; when forming curves with a larger radius, reinforcing crossbeams are recommended inside and outside to prevent undesired bending. 

The Flex elements also allow steplessly adjustable height offset; this facilitates the construction of high entrances to underground garages and deep clarifiers, as well as circular pits of single-face construction.

Depending on radius, wall height and wall thickness, FEBE offers a number of solutions for the forming of curved walls. And to ensure smooth progress at your site, FEBE also offers you qualified on-the-spot consultancy and planing services as well as curved flexible elements for rent at affordable prices.

FEBE-Bild-28.jpg FEBE-Bild-30.jpg FEBE-Bild-31.jpg