Shuttering Columns

The FEBE column formwork element system includes four individual elements and matching prestressing accessories. Each column formwork element is 90 cm wide and is available in heights of 135 and 270 cm. This means that you can increase height by up to 1080 cm. You can use the column formwork element to shutter cross-sections with edge lengths between 10 x 10 cm and 80 x 80 cm. The dimen­sions are infinitely variable.

With FEBE column formwork elements you can shutter any (square or rectangular) column crosssection. Column formwork elements are braced according to the „wind vane“ principle, making prestressing anchors unnecessary. Compression and tension supports are secured to the outer C-section track. They hold the formwork upright and enable it to be aligned later. When mounting the formwork element, additional brace bars are secured from the out­side. The formwork shell is fitted and bolted from the rear. When erected in this way, the new column formwork elements produce exposed concrete with an absolutely smooth facing.

Triangular chamfer strips can then be attached to the formwork shell.

The column formwork elements are available as a set and are supplied complete with

The new column formwork element can be set up directly at the corner without the need for a complex substructure.