Shuttering Large Formwork Areas

Any desired wall height can be set up with stack-up FEBE formwork elements. The flexibility, but also the predictable economy of the building performance results from:

  • The option of using all elements vertically or horizontally.
  • The use of quick-fastening clamps, which can be placed anywhere on the frame, independently of screen points.
  • Variable additional stabilizers using cross beams within the formwork C-profiles.
  • Safe crane displacement of element assemblies.
  • Elements assemblies built with bolts and wedges can be stacked up.

The largest elements of the XT line measure 250 x 250 and 240 x 270 cm.

This corresponds to 6.25 or 6.5 m2 per element. The fastening points are arranged so that the XT large-panel formwork elements can be placed either vertically (“portrait“) or horizontally (“landscape“).