Conical Formwork

FEBE wall formwork can be used to form conical walls with up to 3° of inclination on one or both sides. This has been made possible by providing the FEBE formwork with fastening points able to accommodate the corresponding conical sleeves. Fastening takes place with standard threaded rods and the FEBE supernut with mobile pressure plate. The spherical support allows the plate can be set to an inclination between 3° and 4°. The ball and socket joint also separates the nut, providing absolute stability to the base plate.

The conically shaped sleeves provide the following benefits:

  • Quick assemblage: The insertion of the threaded rods is quicker, because more mobility space is available to accurately hit the fastening point of the opposite formwork wall.
  • Easy cleaning: if an unused fastening point has been inadvertantly left open, hardened concrete can be easily tapped backwards out of the cone.