Successful shuttering of elevator shaft fromwork

The basic core for the elevator shaft formwork consists of mobile inner corners, standard elements and, if necessary, fittings from the FEBE products line with the appropriate inner size.

The elevator shaft elements are used as a middle section. A quick-fastening clamp joins the elements.

The FEBE elevator pit element can even be used for non-symmetrical lift shafts.

Elevator shafts can be built up using a single specific element: the FEBE elevator shaft element. The required core cross-section is set up just once on site and then moved up from storey to storey.

If the core is set high enough, it can also be used as a floorslab edge formwork.

The core is compressed using compression and tension spindles. It can now me removed easily.

FEBE-Bild-32.jpg FEBE-Bild-33.jpg FEBE-Bild-34.jpg foto_liftschachtelement_überarbeitet.jpg